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We are pleased to be celebrating our 25th year as a chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Kappa Lambda was chartered at Otterbein University in April 1988. The chapter is a member of the Central Ohio Consortium of Sigma Theta Tau chapters that provides two CE programs a year. See the news and events for programs and activities of Kappa Lambda and the consortium. We would like you to take part in these events and interact with members of the consortium.

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Otterbein University was founded 1847 as a liberal arts institution.
Second institution of higher education in the U.S. to admit
women equally with men. Nursing program accepted first
students in 1978. 

Towers Hall is the center of Otterbein        The Science Center in 2010 replaced a
University and was built in 1870 after           1950s one. The Department of Nursing
initial academic building was                 is housed on several floors in the 2008
destroyed by fire.                                     renovated 1919 building on the right. 
Regional Excellence Awards from STTI for the 2011-2013 Biennium 

The chapter received awards for achieving the criteria in these areas of the biennial
Presidential Call to Action. The chapter has activated its website for presentation and 
communication and has used technology more extensively to communicate with its
membership and the campus. The chapter has provided student scholarships and a
research award, supported five CEs, and given funds and food donations to a local pantry. 

Sigma Theta Tau 42 Biennial Convention, Indianapolis, Nov. 16-21

Mary Ann Burnam (president) and Trudy Mason     STTI president, Suzanne S. Prevost 
(secretary) chapter delegates to the convention.     speaking to the delegates.

Oath of office of new STTI board and officers. Transfer of the presidential chain to the new 
STTI president, Hester C. Klopper from South Africa. She is the first president not from the
United States. President Klopper's Presidential Call to Action, 2013-2015 to "Serve Locally,
Transform Regionally, Lead Globally" was followed with African dancers. 25th Anniversary
plaque given to Kappa Lambda at the Convention.


Central Ohio Consortium, Founders' Day, October 24, 2013

The Central Ohio Consortium celebrated Founders' Day of STTI at Mt. Carmel School of Nursing, 
Columbus, Ohio. The speaker, Ilene Lattimer, RN, OCN, CCRC presented "Lynch Syndrome:
Hereditary Colon Cancer Research." The speaker discussed the research in Columbus 
institutions and indicated that those with Lynch Syndrome "do better than other cancer patients."
Kappa Lambda was represented by the chapter president, vice-president, treasurer, and
chairpersons of the Governance and Leadership Succession Committees.

Induction, September 29, 2013


Kappa Lambda inducted new members on Sept. 29, 2013 during the chapter's 25th year. 
The ceremony was held in the Science building at Otterbein. Students were joined by
grandparents, parents, spouses, and children. A reception followed in the glass atrium.
See the adjoining news item for names and award recipients.

Otterbein faculty and STTI members recognized for nursing contributions 

April 25, 2013, Barbara Nash (on right) was             June 20, 2013, Marjorie Vogt (center) was
recognized as a Local Nursing Legend by the      selected as a Fellow of the American 
Medical Heritage Center at the Ohio State      Association of Nurse Practitioners. Fellows  
University. Local Nursing Legends are                  impact national and global health by 
considered pioneers in their field, having             recognizing nurse practitioner leaders who 
made significant contributions to the nursing       have made outstanding contributions to health 
profession and the health care of people in           care through clinical practice, research, 
central Ohio. Mary Ann Burnam, president,      education or policy.
Kappa Lambda (left) chairperson of nursing 
section committee of Medical Heritage Center

Kappa Lambda, 25th Anniversary, April  2013

April 21, 2013, Kappa Lambda celebrated its 25th anniversary as a chapter of STTI.  
A 1 hour CE on "Social Media Professional boundaries: Legal and Ethical Perspectives
was provided to 42 attendees. A brief annual meeting was conducted with review of the
past year. Food items and monetary donations for W.A.R.M. (Westerville Area Resource
Ministry) was collected to celebrate STTI's 90th anniversary year celebration, 2012-13.
There were prizes and social time.

Central Ohio Consortium, Spring Research Symposium, 2013
April 10, 2013, the Central Ohio Consortium had its spring research symposium with
students presenting their research posters before the dinner. Dr. Linda Chlan of 
The Ohio State University provided a 1 CE offering on "A Nursing Research Journey:
The light at the end of the tunnel isn't always an oncoming train." 
Kappa Lambda was
represented by Trudy Mason, treasurer; Mary McKelvey, Governance Committee chair;
Mary Ann Burnam, president; and Eda Mikolaj, Leadership Succession Committee member.  
Dorothy Crider, vice president took pictures.




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Chapter News

Spring Symposium, April 17, 2014 hosted by Kappa Lambda at Otterbein University

Please review the flyer at the URL listed for details about the spring research symposium for the Central Ohio Consortium to be held at Otterbein. There will be poster presentations, a dinner, and the speaker will address the topic, "Human Trafficking in Ohio." We hope to see many Kappa Lambda members present.

Kappa Lambda Board meeting, May 13

The next chapter board meeting is May 13
at 6 pm. in Science 243 at Otterbein University. All members are welcome to attend.

Induction, September 29, 2013 and Awards

Congratulations to the new inductees of Kappa Lambda Chapter.
7 undergraduates and 22 graduate
students were inducted. The undergraduates are: Rebekah Freitag, Corinne Fresco, Anna Gantzer, Eric Glasstetter, Jill Parker, Teressa Taylor, Laura Webb.
The graduate students are: Opoku Aduse, Ashley Alexander, Kristina Booth, Ashley Coriell-Mills, Kelli Cuda, Kellie Goare, Teri Heard, Jennifer Heisler, Holly Herron, Stephanie Jordan,
E. Catherine Keen, Elizabeth Marron, Ashley Maurer, Kathryn Palermo, Jessica Savage, Jessica Smallenbarger, Grazia Sorice, Kelly Torrence, Margaret Trevino, Jill Tucker,
Melissa Wells, Sabrina Wong.
Scholarship Awards were given to Rebekah Freitag, Suzette Maynard, and Kathryn E. Hendricks. The Chapter Service Award was given to Lucas Homan (previous chair of the Leadership Succession Committee) and Alicia Ribar (previous chapter faculty counselor).
The Service to Nursing Award was given to Rachel Choudhury (former graduate student whose thesis research contributes to the nursing care of cardiac patients and her ongoing contributions to education and service).

Congratulations to these Kappa Lambda Board Members

Ruth Chavez, the next vice-president, and Joy Shoemaker, the next chapter counselor, received their DNP degrees from Otterbein University on May 18.
Lauren Merriman, elected to the Leadership Succession Committee, and Melanie Roof, who leaves that committee, received their BSN degrees on May 19.
Congratulation to our board members on their achievements.
Dr. Joan Pryor-McCann, who serves as award chairperson, retired and received Emerita status. Dr. Pryor-McCann has given many years of committed service to the students and the Otterbein community. Best wishes as she takes on a new role and endeavors.

Job Board on STTI Circle

STTI has a Job Board for its members This might be useful to the new graduates.
See the STTI Home page at www.nursingsociety.org.

Leslie Justice is the chapter treasurer and a former president.
She had some important comments for new graduates that appeared on the Circle.
Subject: Thoughts for new nurses

A little piece of advice for nurses starting out in their first RN job. Give it time! As new graduates you are most likely very excited about being done with school and getting your first "real" nursing job. You have ideas of what that job should be and what it will offer you and what you can offer it. As you get oriented and start that job you may find challenges that you didn't expect. You may have run ins with other staff as you build collegial relationships. You may not like the shift you are working or the patient population you thought you wanted to work with. Stick with it. The first couple years are the hardest. There will be times when you feel physically and mentally exhausted. Find your way to handle stress....exercise, music, a good book, or chat with a friend. Don't run from your first job....stick with it. Remember why you went into nursing to begin with. It is a wonderful career and has much to offer those who work through the early years. Hopefully, you'll love it as I do. I was one of those graduates and this year I celebrate 34 years as an RN and wouldn't change it. Give it Time.

2013 Kappa Lambda Election Results

Congratulations to Kappa Lambda's newly elected board members:

President: Mary Ann Burnam (2 year term)

Vice President: Ruth Chavez (1 year term)

Treasurer: Leslie Justice (2 year term)

Secretary: Trudy Mason (1 year term)

Counselor: Joy Shoemaker (2 year term)

Governance Committee Chair: Mary Mckelvey (2 year term)

Leadership Succession Committee Member: Lauren Merriman (2 year term)

Leadership Succession Committee Member: Alicia Ribar (1 year term)

Kappa Lambda bylaws

The Kappa Lambda bylaws for 2011--2013 are at the location indicated below. Every two years the International bylaws and chapter bylaws are revised. After being accepted by the chapter board, the chapter bylaws are sent to the membership. Please see the information and review the bylaws. Select Library in the green toolbar, then scroll down and select bylaws. You will then see the pdf of the chapter bylaws.

Upcoming Events

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